Hawaiian Ocean View Estates is the largest subdivisions in the nation.  Located on the southernmost  part of the Big Island of Hawaii it covers eighteen square miles and contains roughly 11,500 1 acre parcels.  Amazingly it has approximately 157 miles of roadway which is equivilant to about half way around the big island.

Through rough lava fields and whimsical Ohia forests Hawaiian Ocean View estates affords a look from anyone looking to purchase a very inexpensive piece of real estate here on the island of Hawaii.

With acre after acre of untouched land and listing prices lower than practically any other area in all of Hawaii those looking for affordability need to head south to the district of Kau and have a look at the community.

The roads are privately maintained and that is the only annual fee that an owner would be subject to worrying about aside from their annual property taxes.  The fees on an annual basis run approximately 130.00 and are subject to change.  The town of Ocean View offers amenities enough to allow for an owner to not have to commute to the towns of Kona or Hilo.  There are eateries, bars, a post office, grocery stores, gas stations, a Hardware store laundry facilities and movie rental.

The community itself offers a rec center for holding community events and meetings.  There is a local park for gathering and children at play.

The streets are narrow and some quite steep.  Homes range in a broad style of design and price.  With there being NO covenants, codes or restrictions (CC&’Rs) that govern the subdivision of HOVE you will find that anything goes.  Size, color, layout and location.  There are county codes that do govern our islands building practices that one should be aware of but as you drive through the community of Hawaiian Ocean View Estates you will see the diversity of the homes and the people that reside in this community that is located approximately 40 minutes South of the heart of Kailua-Kona.  There are NO schools available in the area other than the variety of Home Schooling so if you have children please be aware that as for public school there are elementary schools in both the town of Naa’lehu to the South and Hookena to the North.  As for highschools, the closest is located in Kealakekua and is called Konawaena High.


For more information about the HOVE road maintenance committee and to review the subdivision bylaws please go to