There is no need to beat around the Koa Tree!!!  All businesses LOVE referrals!  In fact, referrals can be the life blood of any healthy business!  We are no different and that is why we are telling everyone!  We at Koa Realty Realize that often times visitors come to the outer islands with the idea of purchasing property in Hawaii.  However through their search they come to realize that Hawaii island my be the island that best serves their desires or pocketbook.  If you are an agent who gets requests for big island real estate but you personally cannot accommodate their needs, we are HAPPY TO ASSIST and would be pleased to become your Big Island connection!

We offer a desirable agent split plan.  Using the ladder or tiered approach that gives you the opportunity to make more by the more you refer.   Referral fees starting at 20% and working up the ladder to 35%, on this aspect alone it is hard to not want us to work one of your leads.
Not to go unmentioned, we have a wonderful, user-friendly and functional website that allows clients and prospects to do their own searches, save searches and participate in sharing with their online social network.  We also provide wonderful content material that gives readers an understanding about Hawaii island specific details such as Lava Zones, Catchment Water Systems, Hawaii island conveyance tax, and to top it off we go even further by offering an ohana atmosphere with our Big Island Hot Happenings Calendar, supporting local businesses with our Local business spot light and much more!
We focus on our Contact relationship management so that we are sure to stay in front of the leads you give us until the clients goals are met.
To find out more about our referral program and to better determine if you think that Koa Realty is the best company to handle ALL of your big island leads, please feel free to visit our site or give us a call.