Owning a coffee estate here on the island can become quite a rewarding experience.  Gentleman farmers here on the island have the opportunity of producing their very own coffee labels and working their coffee lands, or they can lease the land to another coffee farmer and simply reap the benefits of living on acreage and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Either way, coffee estates and gentleman farmers tend to go hand and hand.  To have fruit trees to harvest and coffee to pick, to start each day with the feel of joy from earths abundance and having the opportunity to make your livelihood and create your lifestye out of the workings of farm is a dream to fulfill here on the hills of Mount Hualalai in the coffee country of Holualoa, Kainaliu, Honaunau and Hookena.

Agricultural zoning is prevalent here on the island and there are plenty ag properties wanting of good stewards.  The district of Puna offers 1-3 acre parcels and some 5-20 acres parcels as well.  Hamakua coast dominates in larger acreage where cattle farmers tend to run cattle.  The hills of Kohala offer cattle and horse properties as well as tree farms and gardens.  Kona and the hills of Hualalai and Mauna loa offer the perfect elevation for coffee avocados and macnuts.

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