Here on the island of Hawaii, from the Hawi and Kapaau in the North, to Hilo and Pahoa Village to the East, Kailua-Kona and Captain Cook on the west and Hawaiian Ocean View Estates and Pahala to the south there are a vast array of subdivisions and condominium complexes scattered throughout our island paradise.  From Luxury to affordable and everything in between the Big Island has something for everyone.  With land prices as low as under $10,000.00 and home and condo prices under $100,000.00 our island is not just for the Bill Gates and Donald Trumps of the world.  But rather, our island is made up of a dynamic blend of subdivisions that have no covenants, codes, and restrictions that help make building and life more affordable and budget oriented, to perfectly groomed and manicured subdivisions with restrictive CC&R’s that state minimum size requirements for homes, landscaping criteria and color schemes.

Our point being that just because it is Hawaii, doesn’t mean it cannot be a dream come true.
What is your paradise budget?

Name it and find it here!


In searching for single family homes or condo units here on the island it is advised that you put your trust in your real estate agent to help you sort through the many areas and subdivisions that are available to explore.  Once on the right path, your options will narrow.  And with the changing marketplace there are always new listings coming available, and older listings being SOLD.