South Hilo

A comfortable island pace, with a very island feel, South Hilo offers that old town vibe.  With Wonderful beachfront parks and many local eateries, you can always  find something to do.   Many old buildings that seem to tell their own tales of yesteryear line the popular Bay front Avenue.   From ocean on up the hillside Hilo town sprawls out with a beautiful glow.  Homes sit perched offering beautiful breakwater views, Kama’aina classics are scattered throughout down town, while newer developments wander along the hill parallel with the ocean.  The wonderous mountain Mauna Kea watches over you each day as you live, play, and work below.

Hilo is Hawaii’s second largest city and home to the University of Hawaii Hilo. Thanks to the efforts of the Downtown Hilo Organization and the wealth of new businesses occupying old buildings, restorations have been made to preserve this tropical town.  The ocean front parks and japanese gardens are enjoyed by vacationer and resident alike.  Graced with old, beautifully sculpted Banyan and Monkey Pod trees it is hard to deny the desire of stopping for a picnic lunch on any given sunny day in Hilo town.