Volcano’s national park and the town of Volcano rest at an elevation of 5,000 feet.  Naalehu and the areas surrounding south point; the most southern land in the united states; offer rural country settings away from it all.   The community of Ocean View, with a landscape like the moon intrigues the shallow pocket books.  With Affordable acreage locals and retirees alike find their foot holds in the district of Kau.  Higher elevations bring cooler days and starry nights.  Rugged, raw and so much possibility.

Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE) with over 1,000 1 acre parcels is one of the largest subdivision in the USA.  Still mostly uninhabited, the town of Ocean view, home to Hawaiian Ocean View Estates and Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos are areas that are undergoing tremendous growth.   Offering some of the most inexpensive land and home prices here on the Big Island these communities offer a way to make life in paradise more affordable.   Many homes here use water catchment and alternative energy, such as solar power for electricity. The district of Kau possesses a unique raw beauty that intrigues many into exploring life in the southern part of the island.  One of the most famous spots is Mahana beach, also called green sands beach because the sand is a distinctive green color.   The grains of green sand are olivine, which is a surprisingly common mineral in much of the Hawaiian basalt.  As the lava is broken down by the constant pulse of the ocean, the olivine is broken down with the other minerals and deposited here to form the green sands of this enchanting beach.