South Kohala

The warm, sunny coastline of South Kohala was anointed the perfect area for large luxury resorts to call their home.  With hot,dry days, and an annual rainfall of less than 10 inches our big islands resort communities have staked claim to this area rich in jet black and rust red lava fields which are a result of ancient eruptions from Mt. Hualalai volcano.   With many white sand beaches scattered along this sunny coastline , resort communities such as Kolea, in Waikoloa Beach Resort, Mauna Lani and the Mauna Kea have created their own mecca.  Premier golf, retirement and corporate condominiums, vacation retreats and fine dining await you where the rainbow meets the shore at Hapuna Beach State Park where the Hapuna Prince Resort comforts many a guest from their long distance travel.   With all of the great amenities available at these resorts, jobs are plentiful and lifestyle casual.

Heading up the hillside the windy town of Waikaloa Village sits perched staring at the ocean and the arid landscape between.   Waimea our upcountry favorite is located at the base of the Kohala mountains where you can find Cooler elevation and quiet country life,  along with wide open spaces, and livestock sprinkled across the hillside.

Cultural treasures are awaiting your discovery throughout this area.  From the Anaehoomalu Petroglyphs field in the Waikoloa Beach Resort area to the Parker Ranch headquarters in Waimea, history and culture are readily abundant.