Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Grandfathering

If your home or business is in the floodplain but was constructed prior to the identification of the floodplain on the FIRM for your area, it can be grandfathered for flood insurance purposes.

  • This means it can be rated using tables based on where it was located on the FIRM being used at the time of construction, amount of coverage required, and whether or not the structure has a basement.
  • The rating is not based on any elevation and an elevation certificate is not required to rate a grandfathered structure.
  • However, you must submit information showing the structure was built prior to identification of the floodplain in your area.
  • This means you must demonstrate when your structure was built and show where it was located on the FIRM that was effective at the time.
  • If it is more favorable to you, an elevation certificate can be used to rate a grandfathered structure using Post-FIRM rates.
  • For more information on grandfather rules check out the NFIP Grandfather Rules Fact Sheet and contact your insurance agent.