Milolii Beach Lots


The community of Milolii Beach Lots is located about 33 miles South of Kailua-Kona near mile marker 89.  It is accessed via Milolii Rd which connects to Highway 19.  Milolii Beach Lots is situated in the midst of a lava field from a Mauna Loa lava flow that creeped down the hillside back in the 1920’s.  Prior to the flow, Milolii was a bustling fishing village and is to this day coined the “Last Fishing Village” on the island.  Brightly colored houses give curious contrast to the black lava bed that they are built upon.  The subdivision of Milolii Beach Lots has, over the past ten years been an up-and-coming subdivision in the district of South Kona.  Due to the dry, sunny climate along with its natural intrigue, many property owners have built anything from small bungalows to large two story ocean side homes for personal pleasure and for profit.  There seem to be several homeowners who rent out their properties in Milolii Beach Lots as successful vacation rentals.  With the beach park that is equipped with bathrooms and ocean access, along with the alluring Honomalino bay; with its coconut palms and black sand beach; Milolii captivates the interest of many.  Ocean front properties along with ones that offer big ocean and coastline views are common in this quaint subdivision.  Milolii Beach Lots is located in Lava Hazard Zone 2 and water is accessible via  catchment systems.   Sunny days give way to the successful use of solar electricity.  Althoguh you will not find soil down in the area, plants will still grow in the nutrient rich lava earth.  JUST ADD WATER!