Hawaiian Paradise Park

Hawaiian Paradise Park is located fifteen miles Southeast of Hilo.  It contains over 8,800 building lots and was established in the late 1950’s. The subdivision fronts the State Highway 130 and stretches 4 miles to the oceans edge.  The subdivision is 3.5 miles wide and consists of mostly 1 acre parcels.

At current there are well over 3,000 homes in Hawaiian Paradise park with over 10,000 residents.  It is one of the fastest growing communities on the Big island of Hawaii.  The potential population at maximum build out is approximately 30,000.

The goal for the community’s general plan is to develop an integrated community with more than 8,000 residential homes.  This plan also includes small commercial enterprises, light industry, and recreational opportunities.  There is currently some local business happening in the subdivision already.  The Waldorph elementary school, a veterinary clinic, a few nurseries and churches just to name a few.

The weather offers that tropical temperature that is so loved and appreciated by all.  We see average temperatures around 75 degrees and rainfall at about 160 inches / year.

The roads are maintained by the Hawaiian paradise Park homeowners association and are scheduled to be paved through the up coming years.  There is overhead power and phone service to the majority of the lots and cable service is becoming available to areas of greater population density.

Hawaiian Paradise Park is located in Lava Hazard Zones 2 and 3 so there is financing available on homes and in some cases land with buyer qualifications being strong.

For those looking to own ocean front property in Hawaii Hawaiian Paradise Park still has some vacant land options as well as single family homes that have some of the lowest prices in ocean front real estate in all of the Hawaii Island chain.


For more information about the community of Hawaiian Paradise Park please feel free to explore their website.