Fern Acres

DSC00553The subdivision of Fern Acres was developed back in the 1950’s when one lane roads were bulldozed into the lava fields by Crescent Acres LLC.  The sub

division consists of approximately 2000 acres of land broken up into 2 acre homesites, and 25 miles of roadways which today are now two lane and maintained.   Located just outside of the town of Mountain view, Fern Acres is in the Upper

Puna region at an elevation of approximately 1500 ft.  Many parcels within the community are covered with Ohia trees, and several varieties of Fern.  The Native forests still exist in this area and provide home to some native bird species.  Due to the elevation, annual rainfall is roughly 160 inches and seems to be spread out pretty consistently throughout the year.


Fern Acres location


For more information on the Fern Acres Community Association and a more in depth look at its history, please visit the associations website.