Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, also called Ranchos, or HOVR lies between the subdivision of Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, HOVE, the town of Ocean View and the ocean.  The subdivision is located on the ocean side of the highway between mile markers 76 and 78 in the district of Kau.   Ranchos ranges in elevation from about 2000 to about 600 feet above sea level.  Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos geography is rough and rolling with a gentle slope.  The ground is predominantly black, broken lava rock with some scrub vegetation.  At the upper elevations you will find some Ohia trees and other varieties of foliage that do well in dry and arid environments.  Many of these 3 acre parcels offer amazing ocean views, coastline views with South Point wind mills in the distance.   Utilities to this area consist of overhead electricity to much of the subdivision, phone service and catchment water.  Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos is located in Lava zone 2 which means that you will be paying higher premiums in homeowners insurance.  There is a mandatory annual road maintenance fee which is approximately $120.00 per year and there are minimal CC&R’s which support the integrity of the subdivision.