Scarlett Anderson, R(S)


Aloha all,

Meet Scarlett Anderson!


Scarlett is a graduate of the University of Hawai’i, at Hilo with a BA in Marine Science and has an AS in Natural Science from Citrus College. Exploring the coral reefs of Hawai’i as a scuba diver and marine scientist, Scarlett has a deep seated love of the ocean and nature. With over 9 years of teaching and substitute experience in local schools, Scarlett has enjoyed working with students of all ages. Hula had enriched Scarlett’s life and taught her discipline, hard work, perseverance, and teamwork. Scarlett had the honor to perform at the 2018 Merrie Monarch Festival and Ka ‘Aha Hula ‘o Hālauaola, along side her daughter and hula sisters. She has also shared hula at the Molokai Ka Hula Piko, and as far as Hachijojima, Japan. With her husband and three children, Scarlett enjoys outdoor adventures such as fishing and camping. Being a mother of three is the most rewarding experience of all. The aloha spirit and the people of Hawai’i island inspire Scarlett. She has learned to kokua (help others), to listen to our Kupuna (elders), and to work hard to provide integrity and respect in all that she does. A licensed Hawai’i REALTOR® since 2004, Scarlett is dedicated to providing excellent service for clients and assisting with real estate needs.

Hawai’i Island is a unique and extraordinary place. For some it is a dream vacation destination, for others a way of life, truly living aloha. From black sand beaches and rocky shores, waterfalls and lush rainforests, to active volcanoes and snow covered summits, Hawai’i Island is a diverse and a one of a kind landscape. Rich in history and culture, Hawai’i may be referred to as “the big island,” but it is the aloha lifestyle, music, food, stories, and kindness that connect the community in a way that gives a small town feel. A place where somehow, everybody knows everybody! Whether you are born and raised on the Island, or just starting a new adventure, Scarlett can help you find what you are searching for and provide honest guidance along the way!